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SAVE AGE project is the first European International Initiative, recognizing energy efficiency among elderly as important potential for decreasing energy consumption.


It is time to finally start energy efficiency actions among elderly population living organized in residential and care homes, since improving the energy sustainability is one of the most pressing challenges facing Europe's society today.

Nearly 14% of the EU population is over the age of 65 and this figure is expected to double by 2050. By then we will have 80 million older Europeans who will continue to play an active role in our society, despite limitations which the ageing process often brings. As many as 1,5 million of people lives in more than 24.000 residential and care homes in Europe, making them important society and organizational group.

The SAVE AGE project builds upon analysis of the current situation, searching for technical, behavioural, knowledge and financial obstacles towards energy efficiency in residential and care homes for elderly people.

Project uses already established E.D.E. Network - members in E.D.E. are represented in 18 European countries and 23 national associations – and other communicational means to convince home managers to implement energy efficiency strategy and action plan with the aim to stimulate investment and no or low-costs measures leading to energy savings. A set of training activities will be developed at national level and some pilot residential homes will be established to test the various action plans. All these actions are supported with communication activities aiming at raising awareness in order to change behaviour of homes staff and residents to become more energy efficient.

Project activities will be implemented by 13 EU partners across 10 EU members’ states, but dissemination activities will go much broader to reach up to 24.000 RCHEP by using the E.D.E network in 18 European countries and 23 national associations joined under the E.D.E. initiative and E.D.E.'s connections to other associations and institutions.

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